Labor’s PAEC protection racket running defence for Crown

Labor MPs on the Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) used their numbers tonight to block a request for extra time to question the Labor Government on the Crown Royal Commission.

The Opposition was given just seven minutes to question Minister Melissa Horne on issues in the Consumer Affairs, Liquor and Gaming Regulation portfolios.

The Nationals’ Danny O’Brien moved a motion for the time to be extended, arguing it was not enough time to question the Minister.

Ms Horne also admitted that the Andrews Government only called the Royal Commission after Crown acknowledged one of its accounts had been used to launder money. 

This goes to the heart of the government’s failure to police Crown, with evidence presented to the Royal Commission in recent days showing the Victorian regulator caving to Crown. 

Despite damning allegations of money laundering and connections with organised crime that were uncovered by the New South Wales inquiry, the state Labor Government was only willing to investigate when Crown admitted there could have been wrongdoing.  

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation, Steph Ryan:

“The Labor Party’s cosy relationship with Crown is no secret, so perhaps it’s no surprise the Committee’s Labor MPs used their numbers to block questions.

“The Crown Royal Commission is the Royal Commission Daniel Andrews never wanted to have.

“Today, Labor members had an opportunity to show they’re prepared to stand up and be accountable, but instead they ducked for cover.

“Running a protection racket for the Minister to stop her answering questions and being held to account is a damning indictment.”

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