Lack of support for Principals under Andrews Labor Government

The Auditor-General today slammed the Andrews Labor Government over its lack of support for school Principals.

In a new report, Systems and Support for Principal Performance,the Auditor-General sought to determine whether the Department of Education supports and manages Principals’ development appropriately.

The report identified that processes intended to support Principals are ‘cumbersome’ and ‘inconsistent’, with 65 per cent of Principals also reporting they are unfair. Moreover, 83 per cent of Principals said the processes are ‘time-consuming’ and increase the administrative burden of their already multi-faceted role. As a result, ‘major changes’ are recommended.

A key flaw in the current system is the undervaluing of the outstanding performance of so many Principals. The consequence of this has been that ‘a lot of high performers… live in the absence of being told they’re doing a good job’. Good practice, also, cannot be shared.

In addition, it was found that information regarding the development needs of Principals is not systematically analysed.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, David Hodgett:

“The Andrews Labor Government needs to provide more support to hard-working school Principals so that they are valued, and outcomes for students are enhanced.

“As the Auditor-General says, ‘the Principal is the critical leader within a school community and directly influences its culture and learning environment’.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Assistant Minister for Education, Matthew Bach:

“As a former school leader, I know first-hand how incredibly challenging the job is. The Andrews Labor Government must fix the many problems identified by the Auditor-General so that Principals get the support they need.”

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