Liberal Nationals set out plan for sooner, safer re-opening of Victoria

Daniel Andrews must ease his crippling restrictions tomorrow and allow Victoria to safely open up as we recover from Labor’s second wave of coronavirus.

The only reason Victoria is currently locked down is because of Daniel Andrews’ inept management of Labor’s hotel quarantine program and botched contact tracing. 

As a direct result of Andrews’ incompetence more than 750 people have died, Victorians have been locked-down in their homes and jobs and businesses have been decimated.

Leading modellers have criticised Andrews’ restrictions as “too stringent” and leading epidemiologists have demanded “tailored, precise, evidence-based responses”, instead of Labor’s sledgehammer approach.

Victorians have done the right thing, followed the rules and the numbers are down. 

Andrews must now allow Victorians to get their lives back by significantly easing his restrictions tomorrow.

With Andrews now assuring Victorians that our contact tracing is up to standard, it is time for a sooner, safer re-opening of our state.

Under the Liberal Nationals’ plan, we call on the Premier to announce the following (at minimum):

1.        Remove the five kilometre radius travel limit

2.        All primary and secondary students should return to school in the first week of Term 4 with appropriate COVID-safe plans around drop off and collection.

3.        Restrictions on businesses and industry in metropolitan Melbourne should immediately proceed from the First Step to the Third Step (with masks)

a. General retail of all sizes including restaurants and cafes would be permitted to operate subject to density rules, hairdressers and barbers permitted to operate, and private appointments for property inspections permitted (subject to COVID-safe plans.)

b. Offices and professional services permitted to reopen though employees should continue to work from home if they can.

c. In the event of a localised outbreak, the re-imposition of tighter localised restrictions will be available.

4.         Ease restrictions on weddings, funerals and religious services subject to density requirements and COVID-safe plans.

5.        Resume junior sport and non-contact community sport (e.g. bowls, fishing and boating, golf, tennis, cricket). Skate parks should be permitted to reopen along the lines of outdoor gym equipment and playgrounds.

6.        Continue with the singles social bubble, but allow it to be household-based whereby single people can attach to a household and not just to one person in a household.

7.        Immediately introduce current New South Wales rules for regional Victoria but continue to wear masks.

– No stay at home requirements, up to 20 visitors to your home, no intrastate travel restrictions, up to 10 people per restaurant booking and 4 square metre rule, open schools, open gyms, less restrictive weddings, funerals and religious services.

– Mornington Peninsula and the areas of the Yarra Ranges outside of suburban Melbourne should also be treated as ‘regional Victoria’ for the purposes of easing restrictions.

8.        When new Victorian case numbers drop to 10 per day (rolling 14-day average), Metropolitan Melbourne should also adopt current NSW rules for restaurants and cafes, gyms, weddings, funerals and religious services and other services, while continuing to require masks.

Daniel Andrews’ hotel quarantine disaster has cost Victorians their lives and livelihoods and it is why he has lost the confidence of Victorians to govern our state.

Comments attributable to the Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Victorians are desperate for a plan to get our lives back but all we get from Daniel Andrews are plans to keep Victorians locked up.

“The Liberal Nationals have listened to the experts Daniel Andrews has ignored.

“Victoria can re-open safer and sooner under our plan.

“It is time for Victorians to have hope for the recovery of our state.”

Comments attributable to the Leader of the Nationals, Peter Walsh:

“Daniel Andrews’ restrictions on regional Victoria make no sense, it’s time he eased his oppressive rules. 

“Andrews’ focus on Melbourne has ignored opportunities for regional Victoria to reopen safely. 

“Regional Victorians want their lives back, we need to get local sport and community events up and running again.”

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