Minister’s “disappointing” response on China’s barley tariffs

China’s 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley shows Victoria’s Belt and Road deal with China hasn’t delivered for our farmers.

Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes was asked today in Victorian Parliament to explain why the Andrews Government is pushing ahead with its Belt and Road deal with China – despite the Chinese Government’s punitive tariff on Australian barley and in contravention to security advice from the Federal Government.

The Minister’s weak response that the tariff is “disappointing” while still refusing to stand up for our producers confirms farmers’ fear the Andrews Labor Government has abandoned them.

Victorian farmers are now effectively barred from our state’s major export partner, despite Daniel Andrews’s claims his dodgy Belt and Road deal with China is in our state’s best interests.

Victorian farmers haven’t been protected by Daniel Andrews’s Belt and Road deal because they’ve copped an 80 per cent tariff by the Chinese Government. This deal is all one-way traffic and it’s not in Victoria’s best interests.

If Daniel Andrews truly stood without farmers he would follow the Liberal Nationals’ lead and withdraw from the Belt and Road initiative.

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