No crowd for schoolgirls’ rowing regatta

Spectators have been banned from the upcoming Schoolgirls’ Rowing Regatta next month.

The controversial decision shows the impact COVID-19 and the Andrews Labor Government’s botched handling of events continues to have on Victorian events.

Geelong’s tourism industry will take a hard hit with the loss of 6,500 spectators per day at the prestigious rowing event. The event’s organising committee want to ensure the event can be conducted safely. 

As we’re easing out of restrictions this decision is particularly disappointing considering Head of the River will continue as planned the following week, with 1,050 spectators. Rowing Victoria has permitted crowds to attend all other rowing events.  

Uncertainty surrounding upcoming events has organisers and spectators nervous of the Andrews Labor Government’s continuous threat to shut down events with next to no notice or call for snap lockdowns due to its failings to implement effective contact tracing and bungling hotel quarantine.  

The impact this has on event operators and spectators is detrimental.

If the Andrews Labor Government can offer certainty to the AFL to host games with up to 50,000 spectators, it can also offer certainty to our competitive young rowers and their families.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism, Major Events and Sport, Cindy McLeish:

“It is a disappointing decision for the rowing teams and their families, for event organisers and the tradition of the sport. People are cautious of major events being cancelled due to the Andrews Labor Government’s botched event planning.

“Major events are vital to Victoria’s economy and our confidence. Event organisers need more support from Daniel Andrews to ensure plans can go ahead confidently.

“We can’t continue with a yo-yo state. We must control the virus and stay open. Victoria has already lost so many events.” 

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