Statement from Shadow Attorney General, Edward O’Donohue

At the 11th hour, Daniel Andrews has been forced to provide the resources and time that the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants should have been allocated in December 2018, when the Commission was first announced.

Even without COVID-19, it was clear from day one that the original timeline and funding provided by the State Government were completely inadequate, made all the worse by the resignation soon after its commencement of one of the two commissioners.

Daniel Andrews and Labor have never been fully committed to getting to the bottom of a matter that involves a number of significant and senior Labor Party figures.

Daniel Andrews gave the Commission an original timeframe and budget that was completely inadequate and unrealistic.

The Victorian community has a right to know the truth of this murky mess and it is essential that the Commissioner has the time and resources she needs.

Victoria Police must ensure it provides all documents that the Royal Commission needs and requests. These must be produced as a matter of priority.

Despite many obstructions put in her way the Honourable Margaret McMurdo AC has diligently led the Commission and she deserves the time and resources needed to finish her important job.

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