Michael O'Brien MP

State Member for Malvern

Leader of the Liberal Party

Leader of the Victorian Opposition

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From my first day as Leader of the Liberal Party and Leader of the Victorian Opposition I have worked to present a positive vision and a better way forward for Victoria.

To ensure that there are opportunities for all Victorians, not just a few.

Because Victoria is a great state but should be doing better than we are.

Victoria needs a State Government that is working for all Victorians, across all of Victoria.

Working together we have so much we can achieve.

I pledge to all Victorians that I will work each and every day to present a positive way forward for Victoria.

Michael O'Brien MP

Latest News

Latest economic data grim for Victoria

The latest Victorian budget update paints a grim picture of Victoria’s finances. Labor Treasurer Tim Pallas began delivering deficits in September last year but only now has admitted he has

Worst jobs figures on record

ABS Labour Force figures released today paint a grim picture for job losses in Victoria on the back of efforts to suppress COVID-19. Victoria’s unemployment rate for April 2020 increased

Michael O'Brien MP

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