Premier arrogantly overrules departmental advice to open dance schools

An increasingly authoritarian Daniel Andrews has moved to overrule departmental, health and specialist advice that said children’s dance studios could safely open now in regional Victoria.

Andrews has acted harshly and unilaterally to define the over 1,000 dance studios across the state and their 150,000 students, largely girls, out of the “creative studios” category. 

This was despite the Department of Justice, Precincts and Regions and other departmental and ministerial officials agreeing on the decision to open studios.

Dance schools have been put in the same category as gyms, despite clear differences – dance is not a highly aerobic activity and does not use equipment in the same way as gyms do. 

Dance is the second most popular girls’ activity in Victoria.

Daniel Andrews must reverse his harsh ban today and allow regional dance studios to open immediately and ensure city dance studios open earlier than currently planned at the end of November.

Outdoor contact sports have been opened in regional Victoria and dance studios should too.

Daniel Andrews must also, today, release in full the decision-making chain, the technical and health advice and the related briefs behind his erratic weekend decision to close Victorian dance studios.

Victorians have lost faith in Daniel Andrews’ ability to govern our state and this erratic and irrational decision-making demonstrates exactly way.

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for The Arts, David Davis:

“These absurd restrictions imposed by Daniel Andrews make no sense.

 “Under Daniel Andrews’ edict, a child in regional Victoria is able to take a dance class at their school but unable to attend a dance class at a professional facility that has a COVID safe plan.

“Daniel Andrews’ “road map” to reopening is in reality full of potholes and dead-ends.

“Daniel Andrews’ decision on dance is a dead-end decision, not based on facts or health advice. All advice on this decision must be released today.”

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