Premier must investigate links between his Minister and John Woodman

Public records show that through a web of companies, Minister Martin Foley is the ultimate part owner of John Woodman’s place of business at 5 Main Street, Mornington.

John Woodman is the dodgy developer at the centre of a current Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission investigation.

Documents also show that when the Minister first entered Parliament, Woodman and Foley ran businesses based from the same property.

John Woodman ran his business Watsons Pty Ltd and Martin Foley a business called Watsons Properties Pty Ltd.

Records show that Minister Foley remains a current shareholder of Watsons Properties Pty Ltd.

The Minister has never answered questions about whether these two similarly named businesses have had any relationship.

Parliamentarians are required by law to disclose every company, every shareholding, every income, and every property they own.

None of these interests have been disclosed by the Minister on his Register of Members’ Interests, as is required by law.

Because of the very serious position they hold, Minister’s must also comply with the Code of Conduct for Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.

Section 8.4 of the Code states: “where a conflict or potential conflict of interest could arise between a Minister’s private interests and public duty appropriate professional advice will be obtained”.

That Code requires an investigation where a conflict or potential conflict of interest has arisen between a Minister’s private interests and public duties.

The Premier must immediately confirm when he will begin an investigation into the links between his Minister and dodgy developer John Woodman.

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