Regional Victorians locked down again

Another day, another lockdown that regional Victoria didn’t need to have if Labor could get the basics right.

Students banned from classrooms, our cafes, pubs and restaurants forced to shut their doors and our country communities at a standstill.

Another snap lockdown just proves the Labor Government still doesn’t have confidence in its own processes and systems.

Regional Victorians have done everything that has been asked of us – we stayed at home, we sacrificed time with family and friends.

Our regional small businesses were just starting to get back on their feet and this seven-day lockdown means many more will close and more locals will lose their jobs.

This lockdown jeopardises our hard work and sacrifice, and will only limit Victoria’s recovery.

The Labor Government has had 12 months to get contact tracing and hotel quarantine right, but more failures have seen Victoria now become the only state to have four lockdowns.

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