Remembering our lost road traffic victims

Today marks the 25th World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. 

We pause to remember the millions of people worldwide who have been killed or seriously injured on the road, as well as acknowledging the loss and suffering of all affected victims, families and communities. 

We also pay tribute to the victims we don’t always consider; emergency response personnel and medical professionals, who deal daily with the traumatic aftermath of road crashes. As a former police officer, the hardest task I ever had to perform was knocking on somebody’s door to tell them their loved one was not coming home. 

Many of us know, all too well, the pain of losing a loved one because of a road traffic accident. Sadly, the pain never goes away; the missing face at the dinner table, the phone that isn’t answered or the presence of a person that brings so much joy and happiness into our lives. 

We all share the responsibility for ensuring people return home to their loved ones. 

As we stop to think today of all the people that have suffered loss because of road traffic accidents, I would also ask two things of you; consider your own behaviour on the road, and also consider the possible impacts of your behaviour on those that love you. 

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