Thousands of Victorian secondary students will miss vital weeks of face-to-face learning as the Andrews Labor Government continues its ban on classroom learning for Years 8 to 10 until the end of the month.

The best place for our kids to learn is in the classroom, with the right plans in place. Under the alternative Michael O’Brien-led Liberal Nationals’ roadmap, all Victorian students would return to classroom based learning this week.

Operating guidelines issued to schools by the Department of Education just last night contain a reference to remote learning for 7 to 10s for the foreseeable future. The Andrews Labor Government is making decisions up as it goes along and playing political games with our children’s futures. 

Victorians students have spent far too much time trying to learn from home, with too many parents struggling to hold down their own job and look after their children.

Every day our students are out of our classrooms, is a day they are falling behind the rest of the country.

Victorian parents have no confidence in the Andrews Labor Government’s ability to decide based on the facts to get our kids back to school – only in their attempts to save their own political skin. 

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Cindy McLeish:

“Every day our students is a day they fall further behind the rest of the country.

“Andrews has had months to develop plans to safely return our kids to classroom learning but instead has been caught up in buck-passing and cover-ups involved with his bungled hotel quarantine. 

“The science and health advice has always said that schools are a low risk environment if the appropriate plans are in place, but Andrews is more interested in keeping Victorians locked up rather than getting out kids back to school in a safe and evidence-based way. 

“The Liberal Nationals’ plan would have had all Victorian students returning to classrooms this week.”