State Government must explain total recreational fishing ban

The Andrews Government needs to urgently explain its decision to ban all recreational fishing under stage 3 restrictions.

While exercise is a legitimate reason for people to leave their homes under stage 3, the Minister for Fishing and Boating declared yesterday that all recreational fishing was banned in Victoria.

This is inconsistent with New South Wales which confirmed that recreational fishing can continue, so long as social distancing and public gathering rules are observed. This recognises fishing as a form of passive exercise.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Not everybody exercises by running or jogging. The Andrews Government needs to explain why it has banned all recreational fishing – even solo fishing – when NSW has not.

“We’re not talking about 4 blokes crowded into a tinny on a fishing trip – that would be dangerous. But why can’t someone wet a line for a couple of hours by themselves at a local spot?

“Yesterday the Andrews Government changed its position on partners who don’t live together. I understand that this is a fast moving environment and not every decision will be right the first time.

“I call on the Premier to review this total ban on all recreational fishing to see if public safety can’t be protected with a more targeted restriction.”

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