Today, the Acting Premier has put the lives of Victorians at risk.

The call by Jacinta Allan to force families returning from Queensland and the ACT to Victoria by road to do so with a maximum of two stops of up to 15 minutes goes against all road safety messages.

What is the expert advice for making the two 15 minute stops decree? Has Daniel Andrews made the call, or is the Acting Premier making things up as she goes along? If so, why is the long-standing road safety messaging being wilfully ignored?

For many years, as a community we have focused on stopping every two hours to ensure you are not tired. This is not an arbitrary number – it is proven to save lives.

The Acting Premier must reverse this decision and ensure we don’t see any deaths on the road. We support mask wearing when stopped, recording when and where rest stops are taken, and a test for COVID on return, but we can’t support putting families returning from holiday at risk because the Andrews Labor Government failed to plan a safe and timely border closure.