Under the Stage 4 lockdown, there is mass uncertainty amongst parents about whether they can access in-home care while they work, or not.

The latest version of the Stay at Home Directions seem to allow for in-home care to continue, for non-permitted workers, if an arrangement is already in place. 

However, Daniel Andrews and his office have cast doubt over this by suggesting that in-home care can only continue for permitted workers.

What Andrews says from a podium or via statement from his office does not carry the weight of enforceable law. Either the Stay at Home Directions need updating, or Andrews has it wrong. 

The effect of not allowing in-home care for non-permitted workers would mean that workers across the state, some of them single parents, are still expected to undertake their work from home whilst at the same time look after their children.

I am calling on the Premier to confirm that if a pre-existing care arrangement is already in place for non-permitted workers, it should be allowed to continue.