Statement from the Leader of the Opposition

In declaring a State of Disaster, Premier Daniel Andrews has conceded that his government has lost control of COVID-19 in this state.

The failings of the Labor Government in hotel quarantine, in testing and in contact tracing have led to millions of Victorians being subjected to the harshest restrictions in our history.

Curfews. Businesses that will be closed. Limits on daily exercise. Limits on shopping. Limits on moving 5 kilometres from your home.

Unprecedented in their nature and their intrusion into the lives of Victorians.

These measures will be very costly in both economic and human terms. Victorians are being asked to make sacrifices like never before.

Victorians don’t deserve this. I can understand why they’re angry at the failures of the Andrews Labor Government that has brought us here.

But losing this battle against COVID-19 is not something that we can contemplate.

We simply must prevail and get this virus back under control, despite how bitter the medicine is.

I and my Liberal Nationals team will work to support Victorians through these next six weeks and the months and years that lay beyond.

No Victorian should be left behind and we will speak up for those who are doing it tough.

Victorians will get through this together. Then we will begin our task of rebuilding this state that we love.

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