Statement from the Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien on COVID-19 restrictions

Victorians will finally start to catch up to the rest of Australia next month, after almost half a year of lockdowns caused by the Andrews Labor Government’s botched hotel quarantine program.

There is much more to do to open up Victoria and today’s belated announcement must only be the start.

The Hotel Quarantine second wave appears to have been defeated but the cost to Victorians of Daniel Andrews’ failure is immense.

Victorians have paid a massive price for the worst public policy failure in Australia’s history with around 220,000 jobs lost, thousands of businesses closed and almost 800 deaths. 

The basic freedoms of Victorians have been taken away by the Andrews Labor Government.

The sacrifices we have been forced to make constitute a permanent scar on our state and its people.

The Andrews Labor Government caused Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19 by rejecting ADF assistance for hotel quarantine in favour of poorly trained private security.

Labor then prolonged the harsh lockdowns by continual botching of contact tracing and testing.

Too many small businesses have closed forever, too many small businesses were left out of state government financial assistance, too many jobs have been lost in Victoria and too much pain has been endured.

Daniel Andrews has continually blamed Victorians for his incompetence and has failed to take responsibility. He is more interested in protecting his own job than in protecting the jobs of Victorians. 

Victoria needs a plan to keep our community safe from COVID-19, but also to turn our focus to getting Victorians back to work to repair the economic damage that’s been done by Labor’s lockdowns.

Only the Liberal Nationals have a plan to re-open Victoria sooner and safer, in a COVID-safe way, and get Victorians back to work.

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