Statement from the Shadow Attorney-General Edward O’Donohue

It beggars belief that Daniel Andrews has signed off on an expected $2 million plus legal bill for disgraced former gangland barrister Nicola Gobbo (Lawyer X) for her Royal Commission legal costs.

This bill to struggling Victorians comes on top of the nearly $3 million payment to Ms Gobbo, signed off by former Labor Police Minister Bob Cameron.

Daniel Andrews needs to explain why this so called ‘deal’ was struck which affords her the very best legal representation that most Victorians could never dream of or afford.

Was Ms Gobbo’s personal appearance at the Commission negotiated as part of this ‘deal’ rather than appearing via video link?

What are the other terms and conditions of the agreement struck by the Andrews Labor Government and why haven’t they been disclosed?

The Lawyer X fiasco continues to rock the Victorian justice system with many serious criminals considering an application to quash their convictions, alleging evidence in their trials was tainted because of the dealing between Victoria Police and Ms Gobbo.

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