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Statement from the Shadow Health Minister

The comments by the Deputy Chief Health Officer on social media are highly inappropriate at a time when Victoria remains in a State of Emergency.

She should resign.

These are extraordinary comments from the Deputy Chief Health Officer who has extraordinary powers and is the signatory of Victoria’s lockdown laws, the strictest in the country.

The Deputy Chief Health Officer has a role in providing advice to the Premier and State Ministers on the COVID-19 pandemic, not an inaccurate history lesson to Victorians.

How can Victorians have confidence in the advice being provided to them when our most senior bureaucrats are making such ideological public commentary that has nothing to do with the crisis that we are all facing.

This is divisive commentary at a time when we are being told to work together. 

Daniel Andrews needs to explain to Victorians why someone clearly not focused on the task at hand should remain in this role.

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