Statement from the Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

The ongoing allegations of, sexual assault, circulation of pornographic images, harassment, bullying and discrimination in our fire services are completely unacceptable. 

Today’s revelations by Julie McEwan, a brave female firefighter and whistleblower, is yet another compelling reason why the Andrews Labor Government must release the Human Rights Commission investigation into bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination in Victoria’s fire services, right now. 

This disgraceful behaviour can’t be allowed to continue.

All women must have a safe workplace, including that within our fire services. 

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) undertook a comprehensive investigation into the toxic culture in our fire services at the request of the Andrews Labor Government after the Government’s own 2015 Fire Services Review found alarming evidence of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

VEOHRC spoke to hundreds of people and took hundreds of written submissions.

The report identifies the deep problems in our fire services and makes recommendations about how to fix them.

The Labor Government has made no attempt to release the report or commence another inquiry.

Labor has abandoned women in our fire services and left them vulnerable to abuse and assault.

Why wouldn’t a Labor Government want to release this VEOHRC report, or undertake a new review?  Because UFU boss Peter Marshall has told the Andrews Labor Government it must not. 

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