Statement from the Shadow Minister for Energy & Renewables on Western Victoria Transmission Project

I note AusNet Services’ announcement today that a preferred corridor for the development of the Western Victoria Transmission Project has been identified.

I look forward to being briefed in greater detail by AusNet about its preferred corridor option.

I acknowledge that there are many residents in Western Victoria who remain concerned about this project, especially regarding the anticipated impact on their lives and livelihoods.

I continue to encourage residents, farmers, businesses, and communities to robustly engage in the Environmental Effects Statement process – which allows those affected by prospective planning decisions with the chance to have their say.

I also encourage affected communities to contact and outline to their local Labor Members of Parliament the likely impact this project will have on them.

Labor’s Energy Minister concedes that without additional infrastructure to connect renewable energy projects to the grid, Victoria’s energy network is “gonna collapse…it’s not gonna work”.

But moving forward should not mean leaving people behind. The Andrews Labor Government has had 17 of the last 21 years to get Victoria’s transmission infrastructure right.

The Liberal Nationals are committed to working with project stakeholders to ensure that rural Victorians are empowered to have their voices heard in the decision-making processes by which they and their communities are affected.

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