Statement from the Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety

The Andrews Labor Government protection racket continues.

Yesterday WorkSafe Victoria advised Ken Phillips of Self Employed Australia that its investigation into possible Hotel Quarantine breaches was ongoing.

This is a serious matter. Labor’s mismanagement of the program resulted in 801 deaths.

WorkSafe has spent more than nine months investigating the events that happened in March-June 2020.

Interestingly, WorkSafe claims the investigation is being conducted in an efficient manner.

Yet ominously it states that such an investigation could take two years to complete. WorkSafe then observes that the limitation to commence proceedings for indictable offences is two years.

This looks like a convenient avenue to close down any action against those guilty of gross incompetence causing a loss of life.

How can one of the deadliest failures in Australian public policy be treated in such a cavalier manner?

Those involved know that eventually there will be reckoning.

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