Statement on Hotel Quarantine Inquiry report

Every Victorian paid a shocking price for this Labor Government’s disastrous Hotel Quarantine failures.

801 people paid with their lives.

But today there are no answers. There is no accountability. Nobody is taking responsibility.

Daniel Andrews and his ministers stuffed up then they covered up. Now millions of Victorian taxpayers’ dollars have been wasted with the truth remaining hidden.

Victoria’s second wave was directly caused by Daniel Andrews’ failures in Hotel Quarantine. It led to 801 deaths, 20,000 infections, 200,000 jobs lost and millions of Victorians locked in their homes for months.

If a private sector business was responsible for such damage the directors would be held accountable. Yet the Premier and his ministers refuse to accept accountability, preferring to selfishly cling to their jobs.

Daniel Andrews says he is responsible for the decisions made by his government. The report clearly says that ‘systemic governmental failings led to problems’.

Daniel Andrews has failed Victorians and refuses to take responsibility for the largest public policy failure in our state’s history.

He should resign.

This program failed from the start. Nobody can say who chose private security. Nobody can say who rejected the ADF and nobody is accepting responsibility for these failings.

173 people died during Black Saturday and we got a Royal Commission. 801 people died in Labor’s second wave and we don’t have any accountability.

How can Victorians move on when nobody in this Labor Government is accepting responsibility for this most catastrophic failure? 

Andrews must go and a Royal Commission must be established to uncover the truth that the Coate Inquiry could not find.

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