Statement on the Supreme Court decision on curfew

Daniel Andrews’ draconian night time curfew imposed on five million Melburnians created enormous angst and suffering across the community without proper explanation as to the public health need of such an unprecedented restriction.

Melburnians have never before been subject to a curfew, not even during the height of the Second World War, as all previous governments have understood that such an arbitrary restriction is only used in the most desperate of situations.

The imposition of the curfew was only ever needed because of Daniel Andrews’ COVID-19 second wave.

Andrews chose to lock down the city without proper explanation as to the public health need for such an unprecedented restriction. Neither the state’s Chief Health Officer or the Chief Commissioner of Police requested the curfew.

While the decision of the Court is noted, the decision of the Andrews Labor Government to lift the curfew on the morning the Supreme Court trial was due to commence vindicated Ms Michelle Loielo’s courageous decision to take this action and it freed millions from a curfew set to be in place for another month.

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue:

“Daniel Andrews’ curfew caused so much distress to so many Victorians. While we have seen through the second wave crisis that he created, we have also seen his authoritarian tendencies come to the fore, more usually seen in one party states.

“It’s important that the broad and significant powers used by public officials pursuant to the State of Emergency are proportionate and lawful. This action is a reminder that all who exercise such power are accountable and the use of those powers must be in accordance with the law.”

Comments attributable to Plaintiff, Michelle Loielo:

“I am pleased the curfew was lifted the morning the Supreme Court action was due to commence, not only for me, but for all those who were deeply impacted financially and socially by the curfew.

“My family lived through the authoritarian Mussolini regime and it is ingrained in me to fight against those who wish to take away our freedoms and rights.”

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