Suffering must stop – give us a plan

Anxious Victorians are fed up with the lack of certainty from the Andrews Labor Government.  We cannot continue to go in and out of lockdown at the drop of a hat. 

Daniel Andrews must immediately release the plans and frameworks for future outbreaks of COVID-19, if he even has any.  One thing Victorians know from experience, is that this government never has a plan for when it stuffs up.

The least Victorians deserve is clarity and certainty, not this ongoing knee jerk approach by Andrews and his incompetent team.

The entire state has been in lockdown for the past five days because of the government’s failures to contact trace properly.  Daniel Andrews said the system was fixed, but it clearly is not.  Failures in hotel quarantine also remain despite a multimillion dollar inquiry, with millions spent on legal fees for Andrews, his ministers and senior bureaucrats.

The ramifications of this third lockdown have been widespread and will be long lasting.  Cancellation and delays in elective surgery are putting people’s lives at risk. Cancellation of screening means people won’t get timely treatment.  We’re experiencing a mental health crisis and the impacts to the economy due to small businesses closing down are going to be felt for years to come.

13 cases in 6 Local Government areas should have been managed with a measured and proportionate response. 

Victorians won’t forgive or forget Labor for not telling the truth about the cause of the third lockdown. 

Comments attributable to the Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“This is a Premier who refuses to release the health advice he’s making these decisions on.  Andrews is hell bent on exerting power over the citizens of Victoria rather than being able to manage outbreaks in a calm and sensible way.

“Daniel Andrews needs to put his ego and arrogance aside, and learn from New South Wales who have managed outbreaks so well. NSW has had 125,000 returned travellers and Victoria only 35,000.  The figures and outcomes could not be more stark.

“Every Victorian is paying the price for Andrews’ arrogance, lies and cover-ups.”

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