Labor still hasn’t learnt from mistakes of bungled hotel quarantine program

Reports this morning that security guards were being used in “revamped” quarantine hotels, while working in hospitals, are beyond belief. The ABC detailed how a Spotless worker has revealed former bouncers with little experience were given jobs leading “security” teams in quarantine facilities.  Further, security staff were working at various Alfred hospital sites within days of […]

Statement from Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue

The revelation that Daniel Andrews’ quarantine “hot hotels”, used for COVID-19 infected health care workers, first responders and other community members, could now be the source of further COVID-19 transmission, is deeply alarming. If COVID-19 continues to be spread through the hotel quarantine system, despite all the promises and assurances from Daniel Andrews to have […]

More inquiry hearings needed to get to the truth

Counsel Assisting the hotel quarantine inquiry yesterday recommended the Board find the Andrews Labor Government responsible for the deaths of 768 people and the COVID-19 infection of more than 18,000. Despite hundreds of thousands of documents tendered and hundreds of hours of public hearings, the answer to some fundamental questions remain unanswered. The inquiry cost has […]

Curfew challenge set for the Supreme Court

The Liberal Nationals welcome the legal action brought in the Supreme Court of Victoria by Ms Michelle Loielo against the Andrews Labor Government’s curfew. Never before have 5 million Victorians been locked in their homes under government edict. Ms Loielo said the curfew has had a dramatic impact on her, her business and her family. […]

Curfew legal advice must be released

The Chief Health Officer (CHO), told Neil Mitchell on Tuesday this week that the unprecedented and restrictive Melbourne metropolitan curfew was implemented pursuant to the State of Disaster, he said, “the curfew came in as part of the state of disaster”. This is wrong. The curfew was implemented pursuant to the State of Emergency powers […]

Parking officers and travel agents hired to look after hotel quarantine

Today’s hotel quarantine inquiry heard phone calls to check on the welfare of returned travellers were conducted by travel agents without clinical training.  In addition, Authorised Officers in hotel quarantine included officers from a range of departments and agencies with little if any clinical health experience. Nor did these Authorised Officers receive formal program specific training before commencing […]

Private security guards Labor’s worst decision

The Andrews Labor Government’s decision to put private security guards on the frontline of the COVID-19 health response was key in its bungling of hotel quarantine. In exhibits tendered to the hotel quarantine inquiry Outbreak Lead Dr Sarah McGuinness revealed private security guards allegedly lied to authorities. A Stamford hotel contractor who tested positive, the […]

Labor’s State of Emergency legislation needs scrutiny

The Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee (SARC) is a long standing committee of the Victorian Parliament that enjoys cross party support for its important work in analysing the common law and Charter rights engaged by legislation introduced to Parliament. After a Bill is introduced and adjourned, SARC prepares a report on the rights engaged, […]

Statement from Shadow Attorney-General on justice delays

Revelations that serious criminal proceedings are now backlogged well into 2022 is a consequence of the Andrews Labor Government’s gross mismanagement of the justice system. Despite repeated warnings, Daniel Andrews and Attorney-General Jill Hennessy haven’t provided the courts with the resources and new technologies needed to keep the justice system moving at this time. These […]

Hotel quarantine inquiry examines Labor’s failures

With the hotel quarantine inquiry’s first witnesses under public examination today, the day of reckoning for Premier Daniel Andrews and his hapless ministers to come clean with Victorians is getting nearer. Despite regular media appearances and an ongoing parliamentary inquiry, it has been almost impossible to uncover the truth from the Andrews Labor Government about […]

Statement on Hotel Quarantine Board of Inquiry

Daniel Andrews and his Ministers have been hiding behind the Coate Hotel Quarantine Inquiry to avoid revealing the facts about this public policy disaster. It’s important that a range of voices are at the Inquiry table to test the answers provided and to ensure that it isn’t an internal government review. Similar to the Royal […]

Fair Work Ombudsman acts on hotel quarantine wage theft scandal

The Liberal Nationals wrote to the Fair Work Ombudsman, Ms Sandra Parker PSM, on 15 July requesting she undertake an investigation into the wide spread allegations of wage underpayment, sham contracting and other illegal behaviour associated with the deployment of security guards as part of the hotel quarantine fiasco. The Ombudsman has responded to the […]

Time to introduce laws against the deliberate spread of COVID-19

The Liberal Nationals are calling for new laws to crack down on people deliberately spreading COVID-19. With COVID-19 numbers rising rapidly and the vast majority of Victorians now back in lockdown following Daniel Andrews’ hotel quarantine fiasco, urgent action is needed to introduce tough new penalties for those who aim to spread the deadly virus. […]

Statement from the Shadow Attorney-General

That Federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese is considering appointing former Premier Steve Bracks to head the much needed review into the culture of political corruption that exists in the Victorian Labor Party is deeply concerning and must be ruled out. Steve Bracks is personally connected with many current senior figures of the ALP which makes […]

Statement from the Shadow Attorney-General Edward O’Donohue

Reports that Andrews Labor Government Minister and former Attorney-General, Martin Pakula, nominated his close long-time friend and political ally, Justice Steven Moore to become a Supreme Court judge in 2018 raises serious questions about the real and or perceived conflicts of interest surrounding judicial appointments under this Labor Government. Irrespective of the qualifications and suitability […]