Daniel Andrews booze bus fail threatens Geelong’s community safety this summer

Confirmation by Victoria Police that 6 key booze buses remain off the road and out of action is the latest failure on road safety by the Andrews Labor Government. In March 2018, Police Minister Lisa Neville boasted that 10 new “state-of-the-art” booze buses had hit the road in time for the busy Easter period, yet […]

Labor’s personalised number plate cash grab

Daniel Andrews’ latest cash grab is to whack a new tax on Victorian personalised number plates. Hidden deep in Labor’s Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 is an unfair and unnecessary tax on Victorians who choose to personalise their vehicles with customised number plates. This is just another example of Daniel Andrews trying to squeeze every […]

Andrews Labor Government’s shallow learners permit announcement is six months too late

Today’s announcement from Labor’s Roads Minister that work is only now just starting on putting Victoria’s learner’s permit test online is six months too late.  The Andrews Labor Government is letting down more than 200,000 young Victorians who are waiting to get their licence. Prospective drivers along with the Liberal Nationals have been calling for […]

Liberal Nationals secure victory for young drivers

Daniel Andrews and the Labor Government have finally listened to calls from the Liberal Nationals and the community to catch up with technology and put Victoria’s learner’s permit test online. Labor Minister, Ben Carroll folded under community pressure when questioned on ABC Radio on Monday stating “the time has come for the learner’s permit to […]

Labor dragged kicking and screaming to extend motorcycle learner’s permits

Labor’s Roads Minister, Ben Carroll has finally heeded calls from the Liberal Nationals to extend motorcycle learner’s permits. In August the Liberal Nationals wrote to Labor’s Minister for Roads, urging him to extend the expiration of motorcycle learner’s permits.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many learner riders were unable to gain the experience they need to […]

Labor still has no idea how it’s going to fix its licence testing mess

Labor’s Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Ben Carroll has failed to give Victorians any confidence that Labor will be able to clear the growing backlog of people waiting to sit driver license tests.  Waiting lists had already blown out before the second shut down of testing this year and it’s clear the Andrews Labor […]

Statement on Probationary Licence Testing comments made by the Premier

Comments made by the Premier that the Government is actively considering reducing the number of hours required by learner drivers before going for their licence, as a way of clearing the backlog of tests, is a major concern. The comments by the Premier are misguided, poorly-judged, and actively undermine and harm efforts to make our […]

Andrews Labor Government continues to hide Youth Justice worker assaults

Minister for Youth Justice, Natalie Hutchins has hidden the number of assaults against staff at Victoria’s Youth Justice Centres to cover up Labor’s systematic failings in the problematic portfolio. In the past five years, reports of riots, assaults on young offenders, and staff members bashed in Youth Justice Centres have increased, causing real concerns for the safety of those inside the […]

Mixed messages from the Andrews Labor Government over online Learners Permit testing

Despite repeated calls from the Liberal Nationals to move the Learners Permit’s test online, mixed messaging from the Andrews Labor Government continues to leave learner drivers in the dark.  Following a question posed by the Liberal Nationals during the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee on August 13, the Department of Transport said they are ‘exploring […]

Drivers shouldn’t pay when they can’t use the roads

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to give car owners a break by extending all vehicle registrations in Metropolitan Melbourne who are housebound due to Stage 4 restrictions. If lockdown goes for six weeks, it would save the average household with two cars $182. Many families aren’t using their cars at all because of the […]

Secretive Andrews Labor Government silent on road injury statistics

In a further demonstration of the lack of accountability and transparency from the Andrews Labor Government, the release of the number of TAC claims that involve hospitalisation is now EIGHT MONTHS OVERDUE. The number of claims involving hospitalisation is normally reported and updated on the TAC website every six months, however, the current data is only up […]

Lack of clarity on licence testing

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government and VicRoads to clarify the licence testing arrangements that will be put into place during Stage 3 and 4 restrictions in Victoria.  Before Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire were placed into Stage 3 restrictions, the return to service plan VicRoads had put into place was […]

Botched department merger ends in tears

This afternoon’s report in the Herald Sun confirms something again that everybody knows – the Andrews Labor Government is incapable of managing Victoria’s road network. Since the poorly-implemented merger of the Department of Transport and VicRoads in July 2019, things have gone from bad to worse. Labor’s mismanagement of VicRoads, through inadequate oversight and funding, […]