Statement from Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis

It is clear that the Department of Transport and its agencies are riddled with corruption. The evidence concerning V/Line and Metro Trains Melbourne at IBAC must be explained by Jacinta Allan, the Minister who supported the appointment of the now sacked James Pinder and who ignored the wake-up call of IBAC’s Operation Lansdowne. Allan must explain […]

Shocking, apparently corrupt behaviour and amnesia

The second day of hearings at the IBAC investigation into the Department of Transport and V/Line led to scenes that would make your hair curl.  Frightening evidence shows the depth of apparent corruption and the misuse of taxpayers’ money. Mr Pinder, the CEO of V/Line, admitted yesterday he established a gambling syndicate with the CEO […]

Labor’s handpicked CEO exposed at IBAC

IBAC has today heard shocking allegations of $420,000 in potentially illegal payments to Labor’s V/Line CEO, James Pinder. Minister for Transport Infrastructure and Minister for Public Transport at the time of the November 2016 appointment of James Pinder to the role of CEO of V/Line, Jacinta Allan, must come clean about what she knew about, […]

Andrews must make next year free for student myki passes

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to give Victorian students and their families much needed financial relief by rolling over this year’s student myki cards for a free year of travel in 2021 for students in Year 11 and below, and provide a refund to students currently in Year 12.  This […]

Statement on V/Line CEO James Pinder

The Andrews Labor Government has confirmed V/Line CEO James Pinder has been suspended today as a result of an anti-corruption investigation by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC). Former Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan announced Mr Pinder’s appointment in October 2016. While it is inappropriate to comment on the ongoing IBAC investigation, this is not […]

Data, data everywhere – but none to share with the public

New Public Transport Minister, Ben Carroll’s decision to backflip on public transport daily performance data has left a three-week black hole in data provided to the community. Getting off to a bad start, one of Minister Carroll’s first decisions on being sworn in as Public Transport Minister was to keep collecting but stop publication of […]

Labor must come clean with public transport performance data

New Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll appears to have ordered daily public transport performance data no longer be reported.  It is a very bad start for the Minister. Metropolitan train, tram and V/Line daily performance data have been published for many years. Except that is, until the swearing-in of new Minister for Public Transport Ben […]

Crime spikes across rail network under Daniel Andrews

The Baillieu Liberal Nationals Government’s implementation of a Protective Service Officer (PSO) presence from 6.00pm to last train, at all stations on the Melbourne metropolitan train network, was both successful and broadly welcomed by the community. But since then, Daniel Andrews has been asleep at the wheel, not expanding on the Liberal Nationals’ achievements, despite […]

New Minister no excuse to delay fixing regional rail

Daniel Andrews’ decision to dump Melissa Horne from the public transport portfolio is an admission of his government’s appalling record on V/Line, but it will do nothing to help country train travellers. V/Line’s performance has gone from bad to worse under Labor, as deep funding cuts continue to affect the lives of regional train travellers. […]

There is no excuse for failure of metropolitan train service admits transport official

Asked at a Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing today, Jeroen Weimar, Head of Transport Services at the Department of Transport, agreed the Andrews Labor Government has no excuse for why the train system can’t run on time, even with almost no passengers. The COVID-19 restrictions have meant that during April, the metro rail system […]