Daniel Andrews is hiding behind traffic instead of fronting on COVID response

Today’s announcement from the Andrews Labor Government that it intends to increase car towing in local shopping strips, is a poor attempt to divert attention from its disastrous COVID bungle. Instead of providing support to manage traffic congestion relating to immense queues for coronavirus testing, as Victoria recorded its fourth-highest day of new COVID infections, […]

Andrews Labor Government stalling on the resumption of license testing

Under questioning during Question Time in the Upper House this afternoon, the Andrews Labor Government was again unable to tell Victorians when VicRoads would resume license testing. Since suspending testing in March, VicRoads has failed to detail when practical license testing will resume or how they will deal with the backlog of cancelled tests. Despite repeated calls from the Liberal […]

Does Labor want to toll the Eastern Freeway?

Labor Members for Eastern Metropolitan Region voted against the Liberal amendment that would prevent tolling on the Eastern Freeway. Motorists should not have to pay tolls for existing roads, including the Eastern Freeway. At a time when all Victorians are doing it tough, it’s appropriate to give assurances to families in Melbourne’s east that tolls […]

Liberal Nationals call for driver licence action

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Labor Government to open up driver licence testing and extend hours to clear the growing backlog. Thousands of Victorians, particularly young people applying for their licence, have been delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions and the backlog of applications continues to grow by the day.   The Liberal […]

Call to waive registration fees for grounded commercial vehicles

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the State Government to waive registration payments for commercial vehicles grounded because of COVID-19 restrictions.   Trucks, especially those used to cart bulk commodities and some school busses are sitting idle earning no income – but their registration fees still need to be paid.   Registration for a prime […]

Freeze the tolls

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the State Government and Transurban to cancel the increase in tolls set for April 1 to alleviate unnecessary cost burdens during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of the people using our roads are essential workers. They’re feeding us, they’re health workers, they’re delivering essential supplies, they shouldn’t be slugged with […]

Drivers must not be left in the lurch

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the State Government to prioritise those who have had their driving licence tests cancelled because of the COVID-19 crisis when testing recommences. VicRoads cancelled driving testing last week, with many young drivers finding out about the changes as they were lining up at a VicRoads office to begin their […]