Time for Andrews to act and protect Victorians

Hotel quarantine has resumed in Victoria, with thousands of Victorians set to return home to be with family and friends at Christmas. Therefore, the State Government must proactively remain in control of the infection control system, lest we face a third wave.

It beggars belief that Daniel Andrews has not implemented a system whereby flight crews are screened on arrival into Victoria.

Have they learnt nothing from the breaches in hotel quarantine about why it’s so important to put in place effective infection control measures?

The New South Wales Government is ensuring that these vulnerabilities regarding flight crews are well managed.  They’re screened upon arrival and put into self-isolation if showing symptoms. NSW officials have a greater degree of control than their counterparts here in Victoria.

So far, state government actions to address concerns from the new hotel quarantine program have only materialised after voices in the media, the Opposition and the broader community have pointed out apparent failings. It’s crucial the Premier and his ministers stop dithering and take action to protect Victorians.

Reports that individuals have in the last few months been able to bypass the quarantine program due to simple administrative mishaps does not bode well for the integrity of the system.

What’s more, the Andrews Labor Government needs to put in place rigorous testing of flight crews, who are exempt from hotel quarantine.

Regardless of how it is done, Labor must take the initiative and ensure that it does not let COVID back into our community through these crews.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“These obvious oversights demonstrate the ongoing incompetence of Daniel Andrews and his Government’s ability to manage COVID-19.

“Victorians have already paid a huge price due to the breaches in hotel quarantine and contact tracing failings, they deserve better management than this.”

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