Time to introduce laws against the deliberate spread of COVID-19

The Liberal Nationals are calling for new laws to crack down on people deliberately spreading COVID-19.

With COVID-19 numbers rising rapidly and the vast majority of Victorians now back in lockdown following Daniel Andrews’ hotel quarantine fiasco, urgent action is needed to introduce tough new penalties for those who aim to spread the deadly virus.

Victorians have been shocked to see hard working police and other first responders spat at and threatened with the intention of infecting those with COVID-19.

Other states, including New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia have already put in place new measures and penalties, including jail time in certain circumstances, to deter and punish those who deliberately infect others with COVID-19 and by doing so, pose such an enormous risk to public health.

When Parliament sat earlier this year to rush through the COVID-19 legislation, Daniel Andrews failed to act to send a clear message of deterrence.

COVID-19 is causing enormous harm to our economy and to the health and wellbeing of so many Victorians, it’s time Daniel Andrews acted to ensure there are strong penalties that reflect this harm.

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue:

“Daniel Andrews needs to put the protection of those who protect us, as well as the wider community first, and send a very strong message that this dangerous and reckless behaviour is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

“At a time when Victoria is again in lockdown because of Daniel Andrews’ incompetent mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis, every step needs to be taken to protect the community.”

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