Victoria, a state with no budget for 518 days (and counting)

The Andrews Labor Government is yet to confirm when Tim Pallas will hand down the 2020-21 Victorian State Budget.

This budget was originally due to be handed down in May but was delayed due to COVID-19.

The federal budget was handed down earlier this month, so Tim Pallas can no longer claim to be waiting for Josh Frydenberg to hand down his budget first.

It has been 518 days since Tim Pallas last handed down a budget. That budget was also delayed as the Andrews Labor Government waited until after the federal election.

In all of Tim Pallas’ five previous budgets, each one has had new or increased taxes.

Victorians need a plan for economic recovery, not another budget filled with tax grabs and no relief for struggling small businesses and Victorians who have lost their jobs. 

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“Tim Pallas needs to immediately announce when he will be handing down the next State Budget.

“At a time when Victorians need a plan to get back to work and back in business, the Andrews Labor Government is paralysed by indecision and incompetence.

“It’s been 518 days and counting since Tim Pallas handed down a budget. The previous five times Treasurer Pallas has stepped to the dispatch box to hand down a budget, he has slugged Victorians with new or increased taxes. 

“Considering the economic disaster Victoria is now suffering, due in large part to the second wave of COVID-19 caused by Labor’s botched hotel quarantine program and inadequate contact tracing, he must this time hand down a budget with no new or increased taxes.

“Since the pandemic began, 219,000 Victorians have lost their jobs. It’s high time Tim Pallas did his job and handed down this year’s budget.”

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