The Andrews Labor Government has sent Victoria into lockdown again without a plan.

Every Victorian will pay a price for Daniel Andrews’ failure to properly manage this latest outbreak.

Instead of a plan to support communities and get us out of lockdown we receive threats, lectures and blame.

Instead of a plan to get and keep our state open we get panicked decisions on the run. 

Instead of a proper plan and sensible restrictions – the Andrews Labor Government has created further hardship.

Restrictions on childcare will place additional pressures on families across the state.

Locking down all of regional Victoria with 2 hours’ notice will punish countless families and small businesses, especially in parts of the state without COVID.

In today’s state-wide lockdown, Victorians don’t see hope or a plan – just more knee jerk policy on the run from a government that has lost control.  

Today, Victorians should know that there is a better way.

Our path forward includes speeding up vaccination. Millions of vaccine doses sit idle whilst this government spends millions promoting itself.

Redirect advertising money away for government self-promotion and into driving people to get vaccinated – in line with National Cabinet targets.

Open more vaccination centres in our suburbs. Take the jabs to the people.

Introduce rapid testing as a key screening tool to minimise the current lockdown and avoid future lockdowns. Use rapid testing in our schools, major events, airports and other places to allow us to re-open safely.

Prioritise vaccinations for teachers, early childhood educators and students to get our schools open and our kids’ education and mental health back on track.

Rebuild trust in the community by supporting families and businesses to make the right call – not by bullying them with threats.  

This is the plan Victoria needs now. A plan for hope, a plan to get us through and a plan to get our state back to the top.