Victoria: the only state experiencing a fall in job vacancies

Victoria is the only state in Australia to suffer a fall in job vacancies in the last 12 months according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Job vacancies are an important leading indicator of future jobs growth.

According to the figures released today for the November 2020 quarter, Victoria has 1,700 fewer job vacancies than in the November 2019 quarter.

Victoria was the only state to suffer a reduction in job vacancies during that time.

This fall is entirely driven by a fall in job vacancies numbers in the private sector.

In November 2020 there were 2,100 fewer private sector job vacancies in Victoria compared with the numbers from November 2019. Job vacancies in the public sector rose slightly over the same period.

In the rest of Australia, job vacancies were 29,500 higher compared to the same quarter last year, with 28,700 of this increase being private-sector job vacancies.

This new data comes in the same week as the National Skills Commission Internet Vacancy Index confirmed Victoria as the only state to have fewer job advertisements in December than November.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“The job vacancy figures released today show that Daniel Andrews and Labor have no plan to get Victoria back in business.

“Today’s figures show that those jobs are not coming back, and Labor has no plan to get them back.

“The news for Victorian job seekers due to Labor’s lack of action is bleak.

“While the economies of other states are recovering and jobs are coming back, those desperately looking for work in Victoria can see little hope on the horizon.

“Victoria’s businesses are suffering. We already know that smaller businesses have shed jobs at around three times the rate of larger businesses and have been abandoned by Labor.

“Labor’s not working for job seekers and small businesses.

“Victorians who need work so they can look after their families and put food on the table need a plan to get businesses hiring again. Only the Liberal Nationals have that plan.”

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