Victorian shooters targeted by Labor Government’s ‘overreach’

Responsible, legitimate recreational shooters are again being targeted by the Andrews Labor Government.

An email to licenced shooters on Friday has been labelled “outrageous overreach” by Field and Game Australia for an unsolicited threat to take away firearms licences if Chief Health Officer (CHO) directions are violated.

It follows an insulting decision from Labor’s Police Minister Lisa Neville in March to ban the sale of ammunition to recreational shooters based on accusations of links to organised crime.

Victorian shooters value their licence. It’s in shooters’ best interest to understand the law and comply but the Andrews Labor Government is still driving a misleading campaign to tarnish the industry’s reputation.

The Liberal Nationals support Victoria’s responsible, legitimate shooters against the Andrews Labor Government’s baseless campaign to discredit the entire industry.

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Peter Walsh

Recreational hunter’s ability to hold a Victorian gun licence is dependent on complying with the law. They don’t take their firearms licences for granted.

Like all Victorians, people in the hunting community are doing their part by putting public health first and listening to the direction to stay at home to save lives.

It’s in licence holders’ best interests to do the right thing, but the Andrews Labor Government continues to push malicious threats that demonise tens of thousands of responsible, legitimate Victorian shooters.

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