Victoria’s innovators and businesses abandoned by Labor

A program dedicated to boosting employment opportunities for young Victorians and to creating sustainable new jobs has been cut by the Labor Government, at a time when thousands of Victorians have lost their job due to COVID lockdowns.

Victorian Labor has once again slashed opportunity for Victorians in their 2021/22 State Budget by cutting the flagship Victorian Jobs and Investment Fund and the Victorian Innovation and Digital Jobs program.

The $70.3 million cut comes as the economic impacts of COVID shutdowns – which will only get worse as Victorians are forced into our fourth lockdown – are still being felt.

It’s contemptible that a fund designed to invest in productivity growth, improve employment pathways for young people, create sustainable jobs and drive long-term investment in Victoria has been cut.

This is yet another example of how Labor governs on the back foot, trying to solve problems in the moment, rather than looking to the future to help facilitate an economy which is resilient and adaptable.

It’s no wonder Victorians are flocking to other states when the Labor Government has abandoned Victorian small businesses and left them with no hope.

After 12 months of Labor’s uncertainty and constant snap lockdowns throwing small businesses and our state’s economy into chaos, Labor still has no plan to help businesses get back on the front foot.

Enterprise and entrepreneurship are the foundation of Victoria’s success.

A Liberal Nationals Government will manage a stronger economy that creates more jobs for more Victorians, giving Victorians opportunity, security and independence.

Labor’s fourth lockdown will see many more Victorian small businesses close their doors and too many locals lose their job.

Maintaining sustainable funding in flagship innovation funds is just one way that could see jobs and opportunity return to our Victoria.

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