West Gate Tunnel debacle deepens

Major project authorities have admitted to deepening problems on the West Gate Tunnel, at a government briefing today.

The timeline has drifted out further to at least 2024 for completion and the difficult process of locating a venue for the dumping of toxic tunnel spoil is also dragging out.

The Andrews Labor Government has given a permit to the High Quality site at Bulla, near local communities, but has yet to facilitate the construction and completion of the works associated with this facility. 

Labor’s toxic dumping site does not have the support of local communities, instead steamrolling local government and residents.

The West Gate Tunnel is just one of Labor’s many major projects that is in trouble.  Almost every major project is either late, massively over budget or otherwise botched.  Everything Labor’s Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan touches is a disaster.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, David Davis:

“The West Gate Tunnel project has been a debacle from beginning to end.  It’s been a special deal for Labor’s mates.  It is wildly late, with time slipping further.  No wonder Labor has pulled down the 2022 completion banners. 

“Motorists are paying through the nose every day on the CityLink roads for a tunnel that is not even built and they may never use.

“Meanwhile Labor is running roughshod over local communities, forcing toxic waste into place with a truncated and undemocratic process.  Dumping toxic contaminated soil near communities – what could possibly go wrong?”

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