Where is Freight Minister Melissa Horne?

The chaos surrounding who can and can’t go to work in the supply and distribution system is threatening to leave critical medical supplies stuck on Victoria’s docks – but Labor’s Minister responsible is silent.

Victoria’s fragile supply chain is close to breaking point but Ports and Freight Minister Melissa Horne is nowhere to be seen.  

The Australian Peak Shippers Association and Freight Trade Alliance have advised they can’t get an answer from the Andrews Labor Government whether all importers are permitted to receive and unload sea containers. 

The association has warned that all imports must be allowed to flow, otherwise an estimated 300,000 containers over the next six weeks will be left sitting on the dock.

This will quickly congest wharves and the impeding  delivery of all goods, including PPE, medical equipment, supplies and food will be delayed.  

So far, there has been silence from Minister Horne with Victoria on the verge of an unprecedented lockdown.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight, Roma Britnell:

“We have reached a critical point and the supply chain is at breaking point because of the Andrews Labor Government’s unprecedented shutdown.

“If Labor doesn’t act now to ensure all importers can have access to their containers, then critical goods will be left stuck behind locked gates.

“Minister Horne needs to get this mess sorted otherwise Victorians will be seeing empty shelves and our frontline healthcare workers won’t have the supplies they need to get us through Victoria’s second wave.”

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