Andrews drags his heels on details of secretive trips to China

Daniel Andrews has been instructed by Parliament’s Legislative Council President to answer questions relating to the details of his four secretive visits to China. 

The Premier was initially asked in November last year about who he met with in secret meetings in China and what positions they held during his four separate visits to China between September 2015 and April 2019.

In an attempt to stall the questioning, Andrews responded to the questions three months later when answers are required in 30 days.

However, the Legislative Council President has reinstated the questions given they were not answered satisfactorily.

Daniel Andrews owes it to all Victorians to answer the following questions:

Why will Andrews not account for with whom he met on his many trips to China?

Why will Andrews not come clean on the positions held by those he met with and the names of the organisations they represented?

Why does Andrews continue to thumb his nose at the Standing Orders of the Victorian Parliament that require questions on notice to be answered within 30 days?

What is Andrews keeping secret about his relationship with China, and more concerningly, exactly what obligations to China has he signed Victoria and Victorians up to?

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