A few hours after being pressured by the Liberal Nationals and the community to commit to making the learner’s permit test available online, the Andrews Labor Government spin machine had started.

On social media last night, Labor’s Roads Minister, Ben Carroll stated that it will take “a number of months” for an online learner’s permit testing to begin.

Empty promises and spin, exactly what Victorians have come to expect from the Andrews Labor Government. 

This is simply not good enough. The technology exists now, and industry experts have indicated a secure, online test could be implemented within weeks.

Labor’s Road’s Minister must immediately commit to a timeframe of weeks not months.

The Victorian public have lost confidence in the Andrews Labor Government. We see constant spin from Labor but it’s again failing to deliver on its promises.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads Safety and the TAC, Brad Battin:

“This is simply not good enough, the testing backlog is getting longer and Labor is just sitting on its hands.

“Labor needed to introduce an online test yesterday, not in goodness knows how many months’ time.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Rural Roads, Roma Britnell:

“It is pathetic that Labor’s Roads Minister for Roads, having refused to act for months is now already distancing himself from immediate action on delivering testing online.

“During the pandemic, many businesses have pivoted quickly and moved services online. There is absolutely no reason that VicRoads cannot do the same.

“How could anyone believe that the Andrews Labor Government will actually deliver what it has promised?”