Andrews Labor Government must rule out proposed changes to Victorian Sex Offenders Register

Proposed reforms to weaken Victoria’s Sex Offenders Register must immediately be ruled out by the Andrews Labor Government.

Operational since 2004, Victoria’s Sex Offenders Register provides Victoria Police an essential tool to monitor and manage serious sex offenders within the community.

A recent County Court proposal has sought to increases judge’s discretion to keep convicted sex offenders off the register, meaning sex offenders could be employed in schools, religious organisations and transport services, and leave police blind as to their whereabouts.

Prior to the 2018 State Election, the Victorian Liberal Nationals sought to establish a “Victorian Serious Sex Offenders Public Register” to better inform the public of the details of adult serious sex offenders.

With sexual offences against children almost doubling over the last 12 months and family violence continuing to spike, Daniel Andrews must act to strengthen, not weaken, community protections against sex offenders and rule out this proposed reform.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police and Crime Prevention, David Southwick:

“Any reforms to the Sex Offenders Register must enhance, not weaken, transparency and protections for survivors and the broader community.

“With sexual offences against children almost doubling over the last 12 months, now is not the time to weaken protections against sex offenders.

“The Andrews Labor Government must immediately rule out these dangerous reforms and act to reduce sex offending across our community.”

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