Andrews lies to Victorians once again

Daniel Andrews promised Victorians a significant easing of restrictions to be announced today, and he’s lied to us yet again.

The Andrews Labor government is only offering more job losses, more closed businesses and more pain for each and every Victorian.

Today marks nine months since the first case of COVID-19 was identified in Victoria. Labor has had nine months to get the basics right – contact tracing, testing and PPE – but has utterly failed to do so.

That is why a small outbreak is keeping 5 million Melburnians locked up. In any other state this outbreak would be handled quickly so the rest of the state could continue living.

But not in Victoria. Here a small outbreak keeps an entire city locked up because an incompetent Labor government is not up to the job.

Victorians deserve so much better than being lied to, constantly having the goalposts moved and constantly being told just wait a little bit longer.

Every other state has been able to get open and stay open safely.

Victorians have been denied that because we have an incompetent government led by an arrogant Premier who just wants to do it his way and continues to let Victorians down.

After today’s non-announcement, no Victorian should continue to have confidence in Daniel Andrews’ competence to continue to serve as Premier.

Andrews should go.

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