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Andrews must not appoint new IBAC Commissioner ahead of election

Thursday 13 October 2022

Daniel Andrews and his Labor government must not appoint Victoria’s new IBAC Commissioner before this year’s election.

The term of the current IBAC Commissioner, the Hon. Robert Redlich AM, KC, expires on 31 December 2022. With the Premier and his Labor government subject to a number of active inquiries by the anti-corruption watchdog, Daniel Andrews must not appoint Commissioner Redlich’s replacement before the election.

With the Premier and his mates under investigation, Victorians cannot afford a Labor mate installed as IBAC Commissioner.

IBAC must be an anti-corruption watchdog – not a Labor lapdog.

The decision to appoint a new IBAC Commissioner must be one for Victoria’s new government as elected by the people of Victoria – not a protection racket for a tired and discredited outgoing Labor government.

Premier Andrews must publicly commit to making no appointment before this year’s Victorian election.

Whatever the election outcome, there must be genuine bipartisan consultation on the appointment of a new IBAC Commissioner.

It is vital that IBAC and its Commissioner have widespread community respect and be absolutely above politics. This means that no appointee should be identified with one side of politics or political causes.

I commit to such consultation should I be Attorney-General after this year’s election.

Will the Labor Party do the same?

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