Births, Deaths and Marriages keeps Victorians waiting

Births, Deaths and Marriages call centre and customer service centre will still be shut for more than a month, leaving vulnerable, despairing Victorians in the lurch. 

The Liberal Nationals were able to ascertain the bad news during Question Time today.

This ongoing delay is simply unacceptable.  It’s causing enormous distress for so many vulnerable, elderly Victorians who need help.

Elderly Victorians who’ve just lost their much loved mother, father, husband or wife should be given the help they need and actually speak to someone to obtain a death certificate at a time of enormous grief and loss.

Similarly, new parents managing all the challenges and stress that parenthood brings, should be able to obtain a birth certificate for their new child in a timely manner and talk to someone when they need help.

This current fiasco comes on the back of the Fines Victoria and Births, Deaths and Marriages IT disasters and is further evidence that despite ballooning public sector numbers, the Andrews Labor Government remains incapable of getting the basic services, that Victorians rely upon, right.

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