An 18-year-old offender who threw boiling water at the face of a youth justice worker, causing permanent disfiguration, will receive no additional time to his sentence for his vile crime.

This is despite this same young offender having committed over 30 assaults on staff and other inmates while in youth justice.

Pleas to have this violent offender sent to adult prison have been denied, placing both staff and inmates safety at risk.

Daniel Andrews promised in 2017 that he would crackdown on violent youth offenders but yet again we see a dangerous young criminal get no extra prison time for a shocking crime.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Youth Justice, Brad Battin:

“It’s no wonder we see youth crime increasing under Daniel Andrews when there are no consequences for shocking crimes like this.

“Youth justice is in crisis in Victoria with incidents such as assaults on staff, inmate-on-inmate violence and riots occurring daily and offenders receiving no additional penalties for their crimes.

“Is it going to take a death for Daniel Andrews to take the urgent action required to get Victoria’s youth justice under control? 

“This is Daniel Andrews’ Victoria, where young offenders can commit heinous crimes without consequence.”