COVID-19 testing push should target high risk Victorians

The Liberal Nationals are calling on the Andrews Government to reconsider its push for randomly testing 100,000 Victorians by targeting specific groups of vulnerable and high risk Victorians.

Daniel Andrews needs to start to re-consider his priorities of testing the likes of John Setka and his workmates to testing those who are at greatest risk.

Psychiatric facilities are a place of refuge and a safe place for patients suffering mental illness. For patients and staff to be tested would give peace of mind and an ability for the ongoing management and care to be conducted in a safe manner. Likewise those in aged care facilities or palliative care. 

The loneliness for the very sick and elderly is causing undue distress to them and their families. For those in their final days or hours deserve the dignity of having loved ones around them.

Daniel Andrews needs to take the politics out and put compassion in and start using these resources in a way that will be meaningful to thousands of Victorians.

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