Crisp must front committee and explain himself

Emergency Services Commissioner, Andrew Crisp must appear before the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) and explain his extraordinary backflip in evidence.

In evidence Mr Crisp provided to PAEC in August, he stated on three separate occasions that he briefed Labor’s Police and Emergency Services Minister, Lisa Neville, about the establishment of Labor’s hotel quarantine program on March 27 and 28.

Six weeks later, in an extraordinary about-face, Andrew Crisp now claims he did not brief Minister Neville on March 27 and 28 about hotel quarantine.

Not only did Andrew Crisp give evidence three times that he briefed Lisa Neville about hotel quarantine, Ms Neville, who was present in the hearing, did not contradict or correct him.

Why did Lisa Neville stay quiet while Andrew Crisp gave evidence in which he said, on three separate occasions, he briefed her about hotel quarantine?

Andrew Crisp must now front PAEC and explain himself.

It is critical that Daniel Andrews’ members on PAEC not block Mr Crisp’s reappearance before the committee to explain himself.

Labor MPs must not run a protection racket for this extraordinary backflip on crucial evidence.

Almost 800 Victorians have died due to Daniel Andrews’ second wave; the very least we deserve is the truth about how this disaster occurred.

Victorians have lost confidence in Daniel Andrews and his government who are more interested in covering up their failures than in being honest with Victorians.

Comments attributable to the Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Victorians need an Emergency Management Commissioner who can be trusted to give accurate truthful evidence. We need someone who will get it right when the pressure is on.

“Andrew Crisp’s belated backflip on his evidence can give no Victorian confidence that he is right for this role.

“It is vital that Mr Crisp be given the opportunity to explain this extraordinary conduct at a reconvened hearing of PAEC.

“Labor MPs must not block Mr Crisp being recalled. Too many Victorians have died for Labor to engage in a cover up over what went wrong.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Nick Wakeling:

“Victoria is facing floods today and another dangerous bushfire season, we can’t afford to have an Emergency Services Commissioner Victorians don’t trust.

“Labor’s PAEC members must not block Andrew Crisp from appearing and explaining his concerning backflip in evidence.”

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