Experts slam the devastating impact of Labor’s policies on threatened species

Environmental experts have slammed the negative impact that the Andrews Labor Government’s chaotic mismanagement is having on Victoria’s environment during today’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline in Victoria.

Experts claim the Andrews Labor Government has lost the plot when it comes to managing invasive species which is having a devastating impact on Victoria’s threatened wildlife.

Government departments and agencies are caught in trench warfare while stakeholders are patronised and paralysed by the government’s top down command and control mindset.

Anne Murphy, the founder of the Threatened Species Conservancy, said the consequences of the Andrews Labor Government’s approach are “devastating” for wildlife. Professor Brendan Wintle, of the University of Melbourne, described efforts to protect threatened species as “pitiful”.

Experts confirmed that Victoria’s approach to wildlife conservation, especially the reliance on landscape scale programs, are far less effective than specific species monitoring strategies adopted by our interstate neighbours such as the New South Wales Liberal National Government. Specific monitoring strategies have been described as “incredibly successful”.

Daniel Andrews and Labor are failing to protect Victoria’s threatened species.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment, Bridget Vallence:

“Daniel Andrews does not care about preserving Victoria’s threatened species, as experts slam the Labor Government’s chaotic mismanagement and dismal policies.

“Evidence presented to the Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline suggests the approach to protecting threatened species in Victoria needs a complete rethink.

“Daniel Andrews and Labor have chaotic plans to introduce dingoes to the Grampians alongside threatened species such as bandicoots and quolls, while they do nothing about feral dogs, pigs and deer populations.

“This is just another example of Daniel Andrews and Labor not being up to the job of protecting our environment.”

Comments attributable to Member for Eastern Metropolitan and Committee Member, Matthew Bach:

“Victoria’s biodiversity is precious and it’s heartbreaking to learn that it’s being destroyed because of the Andrews Labor Government’s mismanagement.”

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