Families feel power pain under Labor during COVID-19

Victorian energy bills continue to spiral out of control under the Andrews Labor Government.

The independent Australian Energy Market Commission estimates today, due to COVID-19, household power usage increased by 24 per cent between 1 April and 15 May.

Victorians face ever higher power prices under Daniel Andrews’ failed energy policies.

According to the Essential Service Commission, average power bills have gone from as low as $1,253 at 30 June 2015 (Victorian Energy Market Report 2018-19, p 50), to $1517 at 31 March 2020 (Victorian Energy Market Update: June 2020, p 10).

That is an annual electricity bill increase of up to $264 or 21 per cent in under five years.

With these sky-rocketing power prices, it is no wonder Victoria has the highest number of customers in the country on hardship repayment plans with their energy company.

48,530 people currently are in need of such plans, with customers struggling with an average debt of $1,378

Daniel Andrews and Labor have failed to bring energy costs down and as a result, Victorians keep suffering.

In stark contrast, the Liberal Nationals want to take the pressure off power bills and help Victorian families. 

That’s why the Liberal Nationals have called for an increase to the energy concession for 2020-21 by $1,000 (p 7), to help hardworking Victorian families as part of our plan to get Victoria back to work and back in business.  We understand every dollar counts and making a difference to Victorians where it matters, is what the Liberal Nationals are about.

We call on Daniel Andrews to join us in supporting this policy.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Renewables, Ryan Smith: 

“Yearly power bills have increased by up to $264 or 21 per cent since 2015. Daniel Andrews has failed to bring them under control and hardworking Victorians are suffering as a result.

“The Liberal Nationals call on Daniel Andrews and Labor to support a $1,000 increase in the energy concession for Victorian families. This will help households struggling with skyrocketing electricity bills during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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