Health crisis ramps up, health outcomes worsen, meanwhile mums and dads slugged with more tax

Under the Andrews Labor Government Victoria’s health system has fallen further behind.

This year’s budget shows the dire state that our health system is in. It shows more Victorians languishing in pain not receiving the timely care they deserve and need.

The Andrews Labor Government has had enough time to plan for the economic recovery as we emerge from last year’s COVID-19 crisis. Instead, we get higher taxes on families, small business, and investment to pay for decisions made on the run.

The Andrews Labor Government must admit and recognise that the multiple problems in our health system need more than money. We need a plan to achieve true reform, not a band-aid approach.

Despite all the money allocated to the Victorian health system we have seen:

  • Elective surgery wait-time blow outs;
  • An overwhelmed ambulance system in crisis;
  • Victorians in emergency departments waiting longer for treatment;
  • Major backlogs for dental and specialist care; and
  • Significant increases in mental health issues caused by the social dislocation of the extended Victorian lockdown.

More than 25 per cent of category 2 elective surgery patients are not being seen within the clinically recommended time and more than 20 per cent of category 3 patients are also not being seen within the clinically recommended time.

Concerningly, nearly 20 per cent of all code 1 ambulance call-outs are not reaching their patients within the recommended 15 minutes.

Due to the Government’s own targets not being met, Victorians are waiting longer for treatment in emergency departments, with 30 per cent of Victorians not being treated within the clinically recommended time.

There are also noticeable cuts of:

  • $282 million from Admitted Services (Hospitals);
  • $12.8 million for support for elderly Victorians;
  • $4.5 million from Emergency Management; and
  • Other cuts from Home and Community Care for Young People, Drug Prevention and Control, Primary Health in Small Rural Services, Health Advancement and Health Protection.

Right across the health system Victorians are being left behind and will continue to pay a lot more and receive a lot less.    

The Victorian health system needs cultural change, and the Liberal Nationals understand we can’t fix a system unless we acknowledge that it needs more than money. 

Daniel Andrews has no plan and it’s putting the health and economic recovery at risk that Victorians worked so hard to earn. Only the Liberal Nationals offer a safe pair of hands and a post-COVID-19 plan to better health outcomes for all Victorians.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“Our health system is at the crossroads and it’s not just about the dollars, it’s about the outcomes our tax dollars buy.

“This year’s budget shows more people waiting in pain for elective surgery, Victorians missing out on vital dental care and more Victorians waiting for ambulances to arrive.

“The Andrews Labor Government continues to fail in providing the health outcomes Victorians deserve.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“Our health system receives record taxpayers’ money, but the health of Victorians, our hospitals and ambulance performance continues to fail.

“Labor has no plan to improve health outcomes for Victorians, instead they continue to increase taxes to pay for a failing system with worse outcomes.

“We have to acknowledge it needs more than money and we have the plan to make it happen.”

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